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Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes

Beamsplitters are used to split or combine beam of light. The most common types provided by Z-Optics Technologies Inc.: plate and cubes. Plates are used for most laser applications as they exhibit low absorption. Cubes are a convenient, protected form for low power applications. Pellicles are very thin membranes which do not produce interference from secondary reflections. The performance of beamsplitters are mainly depended on the coating specifications.

  • Main Specifications:
  • Material
    BK7 Grade A Optical Glass  
  • Dimension Tolerance
  • Surface Quality
    60-40 scratch and dig
  • Extinction Ratio
    > 100:1
  • Beam Deviation
    3 arc minutes
  • Principal Transmittance
    Tp>95% and Ts<1%
  • Principal Reflectance
    Rs>99% and Rp<5%
  • Coatings
    On all input and output faces
  • Chamfer
    Protective Bevel

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